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Into An Us Marriage Conference
to Aug 23

Into An Us Marriage Conference

"Weddings are beautiful!  But, marriage is better!  The "Into an Us" workshop is specially designed for young couples who are either engaged, or are seriously considering it. With such a high divorce rate in our country it is painfully obvious that we need good solid instruction regarding both the essence of, as well as the process for a healthy marriage.  "Into an Us" plunges couples into roughly ten hours of food, facts and fun.  This comprehensive training is shared casually and comically over a two day stretch.  It's intense, but soooo worth it.  Your wedding is going to be AWESOME; and your marriage even better!"

Topics covered:
1. Just What Is "Oneness?" - Here we discuss what it means when "two become one."
2. Hey, Don't I Know You? - Couples are taught the value of the lifelong process of "knowing" your mate.
3. Living the Love - Emotional love is obvious, but practical love is a matter of intentional perspective.  Here, we teach the difference and open eyes to a love that stands the test of time.
4. Conflict Resolution - Just how it sounds.  Learn how to resolve conflict in healthy ways, so that everyone is heard and everyone's needs are met.
5. Walking Out the Oneness - Here, we discuss the relational contexts and competitions that can sometimes wedge between a couple. 
6. Money and Sex - These two common sources of friction don't have to create trouble for your marriage. Marriage is a joy in the bank and the bed.
7.  Q&A and a BONUS NUGGET - A no holds barred question and answer segment and a final secret weapon for a great marriage cap off the event.

Schedule: Friday 5pm to 9pm and Saturday 9am to 6pm.

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"Into An Us" Marriage Prep Conference: Registration Closed
to Jan 18

"Into An Us" Marriage Prep Conference: Registration Closed

"Into an Us" Marriage Prep Conference - Finding that special person you are going to share the rest of your life with is exciting; and weddings are a blast!  Young couples aren't expected to know everything about 'becoming one' before they say, "I do," but they can certainly be prepared to start a healthy union by learning some basic foundation builders.  This one weekend conference addresses essentials like: oneness, relational priority, healthy communication, conflict resolution, finances and sexuality.  Experienced and happy couples share their insights in an informal setting with opportunity for Q&A.  Don't miss this chance to prepare for your marriage or strengthen a new union. We can help you turn a "you and me"..."Into an Us."

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